Invisible Doors

What if death is not the only door

And the invisible line is so close

We encroach upon it unknowingly

With our thoughts, hearts, or feet?

Like the words read in this world

That are passages to the next;

And the faces met in this realm

That are guides to the one beyond

Or the moments of deep silence

That open up new dimensions;

And the chapters of misfortune

That admit us to new realities

There are many secret portals

Between the adjoining worlds —

One in silence, one in laughter,

One in darkness, and one in light

On the next page, the next street,

Or in the next struggle that awaits

Lies the door to the infinite view —

The two worlds are made of one

© nightdawnday
p.s. Leave a comment if this resonated with you. I love to hear your stories!

3 responses to “Invisible Doors”

  1. Admiring your prose and “Lies the door to the infinite view”
    Our social view is so narrow, like our sight confined to see only our spectrum of light, where infinite energy, love and gentleness abound unseen by us on both sides of the spectrum.
    Particles able to cohere, manifest, dissolve in endless consciousness. Your words akin to energy of the logos.

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  2. This poem profoundly affected me but every time I try to put words to it, I can’t quite get the meaning I’m trying to convey. So I guess all I can say is Bravo for making me really think tonight and for your beautiful words as always.

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  3. This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing.

    “And the invisible line is so close
    We encroach upon it unknowingly”

    I’m of the belief that this life and all future lives, whether they be human or fish, fur and feather, all take place in the Eternal moment of NOW.

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