Time and Tide

The tide has carried me across

The time horizon, once again.

Today’s waters are continuous with

Those from the years elapsed.

The current relentlessly traverses

Event boundaries once distant,

Silently yet inexorably conquering

The remote shorelines of the future.

Right now, let me baptize myself

In this torrent of living water,

Trusting the tide to lift me onward

Into the expanse of tomorrow.

© nightdawnday
p.s. Leave a comment if this resonated with you. I love to hear your stories!

Musings: Happy new year! Time is an unyielding force, carrying us along like the ceaseless tide. I look forward to the future with a steadfast heart.

3 responses to “Time and Tide”

  1. This is beautifully written, you have such talent! ☺️

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  2. This is beautiful! I like the idea of time pushing us forward but we are still carried there by the tide of yesterday. Sort of old and new colliding at a certain point. Made me think.

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  3. “Trusting the tide to lift me onward” How beautiful! Thanks for this.

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