Many lifetimes later,

I stumble across

A familiar shoreline

I forgot that my soul

Is a fractal of the ocean

Reuniting with itself

I am the periodic tide

On its merry-go-round of

Creation and destruction

I rise and surge briefly

Before the fall back into my

Common origin with the waves

© nightdawnday
p.s. Leave a comment if this resonated with you. I love to hear your stories!

4 responses to “Cycles”

  1. Beautiful poem! Seems like we are sharing the same vibrations so I thought I’d share my latest client newsletter (including my latest poem) with you too. This would then, be “my story” for now. Wishing you a Happy New Year! May noticable blessings rain down upon you each day!

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  2. Beautiful Poem.. It is very Meaningful.

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  3. All rivers lead to the ocean, which never refuses.


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