The Awakening – Night • Dawn • Day

This life’s five windows of the soul
Distorts the Heavens from pole to pole,
And leads you to believe a lie
When you see with, not thro’, the eye
That was born in a night, to perish in a night,
When the soul slept in the beams of light.”
– The Everlasting Gospel (William Blake)


Darkness encroaches as the night falls silently. Here, my greatest fears lurk within the shadows. I plunge into an existential void conceived in the mind and experience the inanition of losing touch with the divine.

I am momentarily blinded by my pain. When I lose my vision, the rest of the world cannot find me. Yet, I have to take heart and not be fearful of the night as it only heralds a new beginning. It is time to journey into the sweet darkness to learn to see again.


I start to search without, then within, for the light. The flickering luminescence of the soul guides me onward.

When I begin to examine myself, I realize there is no self to be found outside the mind. When I break down reality, emptiness is all I can find. Gradually, all things begin to fall apart. I begin to understand that darkness is only present when I see with my physical eyes.

Nothing can attain a higher grade of existence without first ceasing to exist. With death, comes a rebirth into the light.


In the end, I find myself in complete silence. All I feel is a deep sense of humility, gratitude, and reverence for all of life. I experience the gift of complete surrender and abandonment to God.

Then, through the fragmentation, I begin to see unity; beyond the limitations, I see possibilities; in the chaos, I see stillness and order. Everything is reconstituted and the truth is slowly unveiled.

At last, I return to where my journey began and for the first time, I see that the essence of all that exists is light.

“From above it is not bright;
From below it is not dark:
An unbroken thread beyond description.
It returns to nothingness.”
-Tao Te Ching

© nightdawnday
p.s. Leave a comment if this resonated with you. I love to hear your stories!

11 responses to “The Awakening – Night • Dawn • Day”

  1. Michelle Denness Avatar
    Michelle Denness

    Beautiful words thank you for sharing 🙏

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  2. Touching and heart piercing. Wow

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  3. Wonderful post. Love how you organize it. Blessings

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  4. Clarity in an analogy… magically done!

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  5. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I liked this line….”not be fearful of the night as it only heralds a new beginning” 🙂

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  6. Let there be light. We cannot see the beauty of a life giving force without taking into account the shadow that it casts. Thank you for this great reminder:

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  7. Wow!!! Simply amazing and deep. Indeed a mind blowing and lucid expression. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful stuff. You have incredible ways and uncanny abilities to reflect on night, dawn and day… Kudos

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  8. Beautiful and moving. You manage to express the ephemeral in a very clear and direct way!

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  9. I spent so much time addicted to dark that light hurt my eyes, until at last I could see hope in the dawn instead of dread of another day of dislocation

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  10. Poignant, eloquent & beautifully poetic…written as simplistic at the heart of it’s depth as the message itself.

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