The Duality of the Mind

There is a place far out at sea
Where I sail to the end of myself –
Where the sky turns into the sea
And the blue blends into me.

But I forget that ‘you’ and ‘I’,
Just like the ‘sea’ and ‘sky’
Are words that draw boundaries made 
From our belief in distance and time

Look at the world around us,
All is divided by the mind –
Made of thoughts that are pasts
To explain the present we find.

What is there outside the mind?
No separation or suffering exists.
Just like the ocean and the sky,
I am awareness without limits.

© nightdawnday

Musings: This is a poem about duality, a state created in the mind. The mind draws boundaries between things that are continuous. Using words as a form of expression has its limitations as words seek to divide nature into separate components.

2 responses to “The Duality of the Mind”

  1. It is beautiful and positive ☺️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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