Why I Write

"I want to write something
so simply
about love
or about pain
that even
as you are reading
you feel it
and as you read
you keep feeling it
and though it be my story
it will be common
though it be singular
it will be known to you
so that by the end
you will think–
no you will realize—
that it was all the while
yourself arranging the words
that it was all the time
words that you yourself,
out of your own heart
had been saying."
- Mary Oliver

Why do I write? I write because my words allow me to be vulnerable. I write because I want to embrace the duality in life and find the light through the darkness and love through the pain. I write because I am mortal and I want to leave the most authentic part of myself in this world.

After decades of pursuing academic achievements and realizing my dreams, I experienced a long and painful dark night of the soul, which led to a great spiritual awakening. I learned to love myself completely and embrace both the darkness and the light within me.

I also began to embrace my spiritual gifts, one of which is channeling higher consciousness through writing. I write about both psychology and spirituality as I see them as complementary fields in helping us understand ourselves – while psychology helps us to understand the human psyche, spirituality helps us to understand universal principles that transcend humanity. It is my hope that through my words, I can offer a glimpse of the light that I found within my darkness and help you on your own journey toward self-actualization.

I want to write something simply with honesty, humility, courage, and love such that as you read, you feel the words – and you realize that these are the words your own heart had been saying.

© nightdawnday

7 responses to “Why I Write”

  1. To be able to write simply yet touching others is not easy. You’ve shared something very precious. And a great photo you’ve used for this post!

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  2. An inspiring read. Thank you for being willing to be vulnerable.

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  3. What a beautiful blog you have created! Very inspiring as it looks like we are doing similar work. Thank-you for your work, your thoughts and your contribution!

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  4. Thank you for sharing your heart. What is the source of your light and simplicity? Blessings.

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  5. Such a lovely blog – hope to enjoy your works in the future!

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  6. Thank you for introducing me to your blog.
    Truly yours,
    Bedouin cocotte


  7. Great reason for writing. 👍🏻😅👍🏻

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